Verçade Roll-On Adhesive Installation

High Performance + Easy Installation = A Winning Combination

Verçade Roll-On Adhesive Installation

Our Verçade Roll-On Adhesive installation method is one of two easy ways to affix our high-quality wall paneling products and accessories. Our reliable, long-lasting adhesive can be easily applied with a paint roller and doesn’t require specialized expertise or expensive installation tools.

During installation, the adhesive is rolled on the designated wall or surface. Once the adhesive is dry to the touch, 15-20 minutes, the wall planks or tiles are then placed on the wall where adhesive was applied and pressed into the desired pattern.

The primary constraint of the roll-on adhesive method is the short window of time in which the planks or tiles need to be secured in place after the adhesive’s application. Make sure to read all instructions and guidelines on the liquid adhesive container before you get started.

It’s also very important to prepare your wall surface and cut all tiles or planks ahead of time to ensure ease of installation and avoid needing to reapply adhesive.

Calculating How Much Tile or Plank You'll Need

TypeSizePieces per CartonSq. Ft./CartonSq. Meter/Carton
Tile12” x 24”10201.86
Plank6” x “4810201.86

Calculating Material Needed

  • Multiply height by width of wall to get square footage
  • Purchase square footage + 10 percent (to account for need to cut some pieces and leave room for mistakes)
  • If using a diagonal or herringbone pattern you should add an extra 25 percent to account for cutting

Steps Before Installation

1. Make sure the room or workspace is the appropriate temperature and has proper ventilation.
  • Ideal installation temperatures are between 55˚F and 90˚F (13˚C - 32˚C)
  • Extreme hot or cold temperatures can affect quality of installation (indoor installation only)
  • Running an HVAC system to improve ventilation is recommended
2. Put down tarps, drop cloths or plastic sheeting to protect floors during installation.
  • Protects floors from drips or spillage while rolling on adhesive
  • Makes cleanup easier once you’re finished with installation
3. Prepare surface of wall for installation.
  • Verçade tiles or planks are only approved for “dry” walls (Verçade is not intended for use on tub surrounds or shower walls)
  • Peel or scrape off old wallpaper, loose paint or any other residue that may interfere with bonding of the adhesive – ideal wall surfaces are smooth, dry, flat and free of dust
  • Sanding and wiping down walls that previously had wallpaper or other wall paneling may be necessary to ensure optimal smoothness
  • Any deviations or divots in the wall exceeding ¼“ or 65 mm should be filled in with spackle and allowed time to dry before rolling on adhesive
  • If installing on new dry wall, seams must be taped and any tapered portions must be filled, flush and level
  • Remove any electrical plates, vents and fixtures (Note: It may be necessary to purchase longer screws to reinstall fixtures after Verçade tile or plank hanging is complete)
  • Tape off any adjoining walls, fixtures or room features with painter’s tape
4. Choose desired pattern; measure and cut tiles.
  • Find the center of the wall by measuring the width and dividing by two
  • Draw a line down the center in chalk or pencil to balance your final design
  • When cutting pieces for length or width, use a straight edge and sharp utility knife
  • Cut through the cellular backing of the product with your knife
  • Make several passes with your knife and then snap
  • Lay cut tiles or planks out on the floor to verify or adjust your design before installing

*The use of a NIOSH or OSHA-approved dust masks is recommended during the cutting of Verçade with power tools.

To Install Using the Roll-on Adhesive Method

The roll-on adhesive has a four-hour workability time.

The first row you install is the most important for a balanced appearance

  • 1. Apply adhesive to the wall using a 3⁄8" nap paint roller – use a brush around trim and delicate edges
  • 2. Allow adhesive to set (becomes dry to the touch)
  • 3. Use the center line you drew in step four of pre-installation preparation to set your first piece – press it into place with your hands then roll over it with the Verçade roller
  • 4. Work your way out from that middle piece
  • 5. Stop every 10 pieces to use the hand roller along all the planks or tiles you just installed (you don’t need to use the hand roller right away on each piece after placing it)
  • 6. Apply the adhesive in sections

Applying adhesive to one section at a time instead of the entire wall at once will allow you to take your time and be precise throughout the installation process.

  • 7. Place tiles or planks directly on the rolled adhesive and press into place
  • 8. Apply even pressure using the Verçade hand roller to smooth out each tile or plank
  • 9. Repeat until you have completed a section
  • 10. Roll more adhesive onto the next section of wall and repeat the application process
  • 11. Your final rows may require cutting or modification of edge tiles or planks
  • 12. Once all tiles or planks have been placed, use the hand roller to smooth the entire design

Cutting Verçade Tiles or Planks

When cutting tiles or planks and end pieces (the piece that ends each row):
  • Measure the piece by holding it up to the empty spot and marking where it needs to be cut with a pencil
  • Use a sharp, straight-edge utility knife to scour the piece
  • Snap the piece at the scour mark
  • Dry fit the end piece to make sure it is the right length
  • If needed, cut or sand the piece to ensure a snug fit
  • Apply and press the last piece into the row

Care and Maintenance

  • Clean using a non-abrasive and pH-neutral all-purpose cleaner and paper towels or cloth
  • Tiles or planks can also be cleaned using a vacuum with a soft bristle brush attachment
  • Never use a vacuum with a beater bar assembly or a scouring pad (it may cause damage to tiles)
  • DO NOT use cleaning products containing bleach, abrasives or strong chemical detergents

There is a Lifetime Limited Warranty for all Verçade products (found here). Outdoor installation voids the warranty.